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Hello Trish and Gary,

I think the new GPA Trading Services approach is excellent and offers several advantages that really heighten the students’ learning experience. Starting classes as you do with a clean chart really focuses the students on analyzing and understanding price movement, and identifying support and resistance. Then moving to a chart with the indicators on it confirms and enhances the analysis and gives a deeper understanding of how price movement and the indicators relate to each other, with the new indicators adding additional clarity. I have found that your new signal service has indeed  been accurate, but perhaps more important, it really adds to the learning experience as it details very clearly on a chart what to anticipate, giving make or break levels as well as alternate counts. This reinforces what was covered in class, and then, in the next class what actually happened since the signal was issued is reviewed.  Well done!It seems to me that there was so much content in today’s class that if one were to master that content, he/she would be a very competent trader!Thank you,

 Ian Linde

************************************************************************* I have been involved with Fx trading for 4years and have been taught all sorts of technical trading techniques from candles, Elliot wave, Vsa, Fibonacci, harmonics etc . Each of which has some merit, but does not offer or work as a complete Trading System. I’ve heard of Trading Plans and the need for them but no one has been able to teach me which does more than scalp 20- here and there. Yes, have merit but they enslave you to the computer. Gary has taught me to look beyond this and take longer term trades safely of 200 -1000 pips. Yes, I have achieved the 1000 pip trade! He trains/educates you to be able to fish. He has developed “Special indicators” that are used in a specific way to create a Trading Plan/system which uses all timeframes. It is amazing!! How accurate it is. It not only works but allows you to anticipate what the market will do in the next hours/days! It requires study and effort to learn how to use it, but he always goes the extra mile and provides personal webinars 3-4 days every week to teach his method and explain how he/you can anticipate what Price moves are likely to occur during the coming week with amazing accuracy to within a few pips. Not to mention the Live trading tips that occur along the way! Mastering it comes with patience, perseverance and education at his great regular webinars.
Now, I understand how Price moves (thanks to Him) and when to take the high probability trade and when not to trade. His teaching is priceless and not to be missed whatever your Trading forum preference: Fx, Futures, Stock market etc.
Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you, there are special trade strategies like ”Asia’ and trade management protocols that will also be coming on line. His teaching has leap frogged me from a Forex “player/dabbler” to a position where I can now trade for a living. Wow, and I can do it from home and have a “Life” instead of charging around the country earning a living.
I have met him. He is a great guy, a rare find in the manipulative world of forex and finance, honest reliable and trustworthy.
Roger Down , Surgeon


To whoever may be inquiring regarding the integrity, professionalism, trading skills and teaching ability of Mr. Gary Albrecht: Look no further. He stands out, and almost alone, in a sea of sharks and shysters. He is the real deal, he works incredibly hard for your interests, and has more patience with students than any instructor I have ever met. You will not be disappointed.

William Bruce Thomson

Porpoise's (Multiple Time Frames) Are In Alignment


Gary is an excellent in depth teacher and mentor for traders of any time frame or market. He teaches us the process of analyzing price action as it interacts with support and resistance and the custom indicators in his software. As a swing and position trader I have learned to trade with more confidence. I have become more patient in waiting for price actions and indicators to synchronize over multiple time frame into profitable trade patterns. I also appreciate the caring atmosphere that Trish and Gary provide in their classes.

 Stephanie Phillips


Gary and Trish,

I’m writing to let you know how much you have done for my ability to trade forex. I feel the software, which enables me to better interpret and anticipate price movement, and to integrate my analysis on multiple time frames, is outstanding. Equally important has been your amazing dedication to the education and success of your subscribers/students. In my experience, this combination is unsurpassed.

Thank you,

Ian Linde


I have been learning to trade since the fall of 2009. Each move to a different method or instructor has been because I desired to learn more. Not that the instructors were not good – each one took me to a higher level of learning but I knew there had to be more to trading than what I had learned so far. When I signed up for Gary Albrecht’s Forex Trading class, his approach to trading was completely different than those I had been previously exposed. Just listening to him talk, it was clear my learning would take a more positive turn.

The intricacies of currency trading – any kind of trading – can be difficult to grasp. What makes Gary Albrecht so special is his passion and dedication to teaching along with the knowledge he has gained over his many years of successful trading. I have heard him in class field questions – and if the student didn’t grasp the answer he would give the student special attention until he or she grasped the answer – sometimes this took up to 5 minutes – sometimes longer. This extra time spent bothered no one because in a way we were all involved in this special attention and instruction. We’ve learned how to deal with Fibonacci levels, Elliot wave and support and resistance. Gary developed special indicators which work extraordinarily well in predicting the movement of both momentum and trend over time and in all time frames. He is currently developing new twists to his present indicators as I write which will, undoubtedly, be even more predictive that the ones previous or at least more helpful. In addition, he is always dedicated in his teaching in any class that he holds and although his class teaching is scheduled for two hours he talks for at least 3 and sometimes 4 hours. He always gives more than is stated.

Gary Albrecht has brought me to a higher level of trading than I ever expected and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in learning to trade. Also important in this writing is his loving wife Trish who always brings a bright and positive atmosphere to the class – truly amazing and appreciated.

Thank you Gary and Trish,

Jan Bennett, PhD